Viewsources Podcast is another podcast about front-end development and web design. We talk about the web, industry news, workflows and important topics about development.

There are so many great front-end podcasts out there. Why did we need another one? It’s not so much the larger listening audience needed another podcast, we did. We’re all passionate about what we talk about in each episode, even if they weren’t recorded we’d still find ourselves in these conversations just as often.

In most episodes we go through their carefully curated collection of web development news and links to discuss various trends and ideologies that are circulating throughout the industry. We then dive into a formal topic for a formal discussion.

Tim Evko is a Front End Developer and a contributor to SitePoint, Web Design Weekly & Scotch.io. He’s probably at the gym.

Charles Peters is a Designer at Black Pixel and writes at his own site ARWHD and flips out on Twitter quite frequently.

Brad Cerasani is a Web Designer at Black Pixel specializing in responsive design and future-friendly architecture.

The song in the episodes is “Let’s Be Friends, If That’s Okay” by Celadon City off of his Excursions album available on NoiseTrade.

Our episodes are edited by Matthew Morrisey.

This site is set in Gotham from Hoefler & Co., uses Flexbox for its layout, compiled and deployed by Gulp.js and is hosted on Github Pages.


We can't stop talking about design and front-end development, we write and tweet but we need another outlet for our possibly unhealthy obsession (read: passion). We want to talk to some of the smartest people out there and simplify some of the things we don't understand (like JavaScript MVC apps and hoisting and why we dropped out of school).


We are currently looking for amazing sponspors to partner with to support our show and provide amazing products and services and offers to our listeners