Episode 13 - Typography

Charles sits down with Robin Rendle and Tom Carmony about typography. They talk about their love of type and how to get started improving your typographic skills.

Episode 12 - Wordpress

Tim and Lara got into the nitty-gritty of their Wordpress workflow and get into how they use it to work to build sites and projects.

Episode 11 - Is CSS Dead?

Tim tries to wrap his head around using inline styles as a replacement to CSS. We discuss Google Dart, cults and introduce our new panelist Lara Schenck.

Episode 10 - Client-Side MVCs

We’re joined today by designer and prototyper, Helen Holmes for our discussion on what Client-Side MVCs are and when to use them. We tackle questions like when to grab Ember.js or React and what role they serve for designers and developers.

Episode 9 - Origins

In this episode, Brad, Charles & Tim get into their origin stories of becoming professional designers and developers.

Episode 8 - Post-Processing CSS

Brad and Charles go head-to-head on the topic of post-processing your CSS. We discuss whether you should ditch Sass and jump ship to PostCSS today. In this episode, we talk about the reasons for tools and when to reach for certain frameworks.

Episode 7 - Vim: A Design Tool

In this episode, Charles talks to two other designers about how they’ve used Vim in their workflow. Klare Frank (a designer from Treehouse) and Adam Morse (a designer from Blue Bottle), join Charles and talk about how they use Vim everyday.

Episode 6 - Moving Towards Performance

Tim and Charles talk about how they built the Viewsources site and worked with performance in mind.

Episode 5 - Progressive Enhancement

Charles finds a huge flaw in certain arguments for progressive enhancement. In this episode, we discuss if progressive enhancement is important and if it is when it’s important.

Episode 4 - Hiring

This week we talked about hiring practices and industry expectations. Tim goes into detail about his experience hiring front-end developers.

Episode 3 - Web Components

This week we contested the need for frameworks and then we took a dive into what web components are, what needs they serve and when to reach for them. Web Components also equal Thai food.

Episode 2 - Front-End Tooling Pt. 2

We continue our discussion of front-end tool with more attention on CSS testing and package managers and what to use NPM for.

Episode 1 - Front-End Tooling Pt. 1

In our first full episode, we talk about the different tools we for front-end development for building websites and testing. We go into how much is too much of build tools and when it’s okay to not know about a tool. Tim bought a car and Brad loves React.js more than is healthy.

Episode 0 - Announcement

We started a podcast and then debated why we needed another podcast about front-end development. Plus we’re looking for more panelists.


We can't stop talking about design and front-end development, we write and tweet but we need another outlet for our possibly unhealthy obsession (read: passion). We want to talk to some of the smartest people out there and simplify some of the things we don't understand (like JavaScript MVC apps and hoisting and why we dropped out of school).


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